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2 min readDec 11, 2020

Nobody said that growing on TikTok it’s easy. It takes persistence, patience and most of the times a lot of work. The most challenging part of this platform, however, is how unpredictable the audience is. You can hardly predict which of your videos will get the most likes, as the number has nothing to do with your effort or with the time that you have spent on shooting and editing.

Polarity Technologies shares with you 10 tips on how to go viral and grow on TikTok, based on a relevant article of Voyage & Venture.

  1. Kick your video off with a bang: Catching people’s attention within the first couple of seconds is vital.
  2. Keep it short and to the point: The shorter the video is, the more people will watch it.
  3. Use trending music: People will probably be more positive if they listen to a sound they are familiar with.
  4. Interact with other users: That means not only to reply to their comments, but also to like, follow and comment on the videos of other users.
  5. Post frequently: This way you will get better in shooting and editing, and also you will increase your chance to upload a video that will go viral.
  6. Hashtags: Use niche hashtags instead of generic ones.
  7. First Video Frame: Put some text on the first video frame, to buy time. According to Voyage and Adventure, “By starting your video with text over the first slide, viewers in the FYP will likely spend a few seconds reading this and therefore naturally and stay on the video for a few seconds longer.”
  8. Locate your Text Wisely: Make sure that your text is visible. The lower part and the right part of the screen are usually occupied by icons and other text.
  9. Test and Error: Do not stick to a certain niche or style right from the start. Take some time to experiment on the content, shooting style and tools before you choose your path.
  10. Do not give up: Keep uploading content. All you need to go viral is one good video!

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