7 Things You Need to Start Podcasting

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2 min readJul 29, 2022


Although many people believe that podcasting is a costly and difficult endeavour, it actually doesn’t have to be. You won’t need much to get started, and starting a podcast is rather simple.

Here are 7 items needed to launch a podcast, according to Entrepreneur:

1. A First-Rate Microphone

You shouldn’t try to save money in the audio field. Many of the problems with your podcast will be forgiven by your listeners, but poor audio is typically inexcusable. Avoid using the built-in microphone that comes with your computer and choose a different microphone instead.

2. Headphones

You don’t need the best headphones for the work, but you do want something efficient. Avoid using headphone and mic combinations since the sound they produce is typically terrible.

3. A Pop Filter

Your b’s and p’s will sound heightened when speaking straight into the microphone. Speaking sideways into your microphone will help you avoid this, or you may purchase a pop filter.

4. A Boom

A suspension boom to hold the mic for you is essential if you want to become a professional podcaster, even though they are not technically necessary when you’re first starting out.

5. A Skype Account

You should use Skype if you plan to do interviews for your show in the future. The fact that this program is free and has great quality of sound is also important. It’s simple enough for your guests to create a Skype account if they don’t already have one.

6. Recording and Editing Software

If you like, you can begin using a free application. With a great deal of post-production possibilities, Adobe Audition is a fantastic option.

7. A Podcast Hosting Account

You don’t have to host on your website, so don’t worry about podcasts using up all of your bandwidth. You can use one of the many incredibly cheap media hosts instead. Although Soundcloud and Blubrry are two other excellent possibilities, Libsyn is among the most well-known hosting and publishing providers.

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