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Some of us, here at Polarity Technologies Ltd, find ourselves to be more productive when working from home. Less disturbance equals higher efficiency, right?

However, others find working from the office to be more convenient, as offices are usually better equipped.

If you are working from home Polarity Technologies Ltd gives you 5 tips that will keep you focused, efficient and productive.

  1. Isolate Yourself: If you are a social butterfly, working from home can be challenging. On the other hand, trying to work with your family around can be distracting. …

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Are the rumours true? As Polarity Technologies Ltd has found out, LinkedIn is reportedly developing a new marketplace platform for freelancer s. As companies are adjusting to the new hiring models, the location of the candidates is no more a big issue.

Since the WFH concept is becoming the new normal, companies such as Upwork and Fiverr are growing rapidly. LinkedIn already has a similar tool for freelancers, ProFinder, but now is upgrading its game.

The new freelance marketplace platform of LinkedIn will enable companies to hire freelancers out of an enormous pool of candidates.Marketplaces”, will allow companies…

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Although the Cyprus government has started loosening the measures against COVID-19, people’s routine is still restricted. Self isolation and restrictions can be challenging for most of us, especially when they last for months. However, in Polarity Technologies we know that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. Our mindset affects everything we do in life, that’s why we try to keep it positive at all times.

There are dozens of reasons for people to feel blue and worried these days. However, if you look for reasons to keep your spirit bright, you…

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Clubhouse, the hot audio-only app everyone is talking about, was released less than a year ago. As Polarity Technologies has learned, the idea of the app was inspired by communities. Via Clubhouse people can join “rooms” full of people and participate in a variety of conversations. A different topic is being discussed in each room, so users can pick rooms based on the topics they are interested in.

What makes Clubhouse stand out from other social media apps available right now, is the fact that users can communicate in groups via voice only. No cameras on.

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As Polarity Technologies has learned, Facebook is now working on the development of a new audio chat product after the rapid success of Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, is a new type of social network based only on voice. As we found out from their website, users can hop in and out of discussion rooms to explore them and to participate in different conversations.

According to Social Media Today, “Clubhouse, the invite-only audio social platform, has seen a massive rise of late, going from 600,000 active users in December, to 2 million just over a month later. …

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Have you ever wondered how marketing will be like when pandemic ends? Here is what Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned.

The predictions of digital marketing trends for this year are not easy to be made. The pandemic has affected greatly the way businesses and consumers communicate and behave. Liana Technologies predicted that t he changes that COVID-19 has brought, are not temporary. Are here to stay. These changes will last and impact the future.

These are the 10 marketing trends that Liana Technologies has predicted for 2021, as presented by Social Media Today.

  1. Brands will be expected to show transparency…

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They say two heads are better than one and that couldn’t be more of the case here at Polarity Technologies Ltd. Our transparent, two-way communication style, fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. On the weekly meetings, we exchange information and discuss business updates, making sure we are all aligned. We know that our open and communicative environment helps us reach every goal we set.

Polarity Technologies Ltd is home to driven, competitive, hard working and passionate individuals. We take pride in our culture and click with our fellow co-workers with this same mindset and drive. Our teamwork allows us…

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Although we haven’t travelled lately, we are looking forward to our next flight. If you follow our blog you probably know already how much we missed traveling. Below are the 10 most environmental-friendly capital cities in Europe, as Polarity Technologies has learned from Travel Daily Media.

  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Bern, Switzerland
  3. Helsinki, Finland
  4. Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. Oslo, Norway
  8. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Below are the factors that CompareTheMarket has used to rank European cities, according to TD.

  • Green Spaces: Are there enough parks in the city that dissipate the heat in the urban area and…

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The rapid development of technology has made the written communication very popular. Many of us and especially younger generations even prefer texting to calling.

Pandemic and the “work from home” model, has made casual written communication popular among colleagues too. Communicating in writing can be challenging sometimes.

Emojis and GIF can help a lot in communicating our mood and emotion. More than this, knowing how to use (and decode) interjections can help us convey the message more accurately.

Here is 16 frequently used interjections, not included in normal dictionaries.

Find the full list at

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Originally published at on January 29, 2021.

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Most of us and especially the younger generations prefer texting to calling.

Below are 9 golden rules of texting according to a relevant article of Sammy Nickalls at Lifehack.

1. One SMS is enough

2. Always respond

3. Keep the other person’s schedule in mind

4. Don’t text a novel

5. Don’t call in response to a text

6. Avoid sarcasm

7. Respond proportionally


9. Use the right texting laughter

Ha: When you don’t really find something funny

Haha: When you don’t really find something funny, but you are trying to be polite

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