If you believe that success comes easily, you better think again. Below are some of the biggest failures of the most successful and wealthy people on earth.

  1. Did you know that Jack Ma (Alibaba) was rejected by 30 companies, including KFC? 24 People applied for that job. They hired everyone but him.
  2. When Bill Gates (Microsoft) dropped out of Harvard he started a business called Traf-O-Data, which flopped.
  3. Walt Disney was fired by his editor from one of his first animation jobs because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”.
  4. When Elon Musk (Tesla) first started out, he unsuccessfully…

For many people, the past year hasn’t been easy. Here are four things Polarity Technologies has learned during this time.

  1. Appreciate your Family: Although in Greek-Cypriot culture people are generally deeply connected with their extended families, as humans we often take things in life for granted. Some people have spent weeks or even months away from their families, including some of Polarity Technologies’ team members. In order to protect one another, we kept ourselves socially isolated for a long time. This reminded us how important families are.
  2. Take Care of your Health: The last year we have learned, that good…

Education is the first thing people focus on, since it’s usually a prerequisite for a successful career. But is a university degree truly enough? Well known global organizations pay a lot of attention on soft skills lately. Some common soft skills companies are often looking for is problem solving, resourcefulness, teamwork and dedication.

In fact, a recent study has shown that companies are more likely to hire candidates with the right attitude, even if they lack knowledge or experience, rather than hire people with poor soft skills.

Here are the 5 most important skills you should develop before you turn…

SPE’s HR department has announced some great news at the All Hands meeting which was held virtually, last week.

A new volunteer policy has been introduced, as part of SPE’s CSR program. The new volunteer policy, encourages the employees of Polarity Technologies, Spigot and Eightpoint to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the society.

More specifically, employees can take up to 8 hours of paid time off every fiscal year half (Jan 1 thru Jun 30 and Jul 1 thru Dec 31) to participate in the volunteer programs of their choice.


Most people (including Polarity Technologies’ team members) wisely choose not to travel to other countries for the time being. Although we admit we do miss traveling, flying to other places for leisure these days is something we would avoid.

There are many destinations that we haven’t visited yet and we would love to go to, once traveling is completely safe again.

Weather is an important factor to take into consideration when scheduling to travel. Extreme heat or cold, can ruin the experience. …

The World Health Day is held to mark This year As Polarity Technologies has learned from If you have enjoyed this article follow World Health Organization’s founding which took effect on April 7, 1948. It is celebrated around the globe on the 7th of April of each year to draw attention to the major importance of health. Factors that affect a person’s overall health include nutrition, physical activity level, stress level and general lifestyle. WHO will be inviting all of us to join a new campaign to build a fairer, healthier world. More details on this to be shared in…

If you are thinking of taking up a new hobby, below are 5 sports you are not too old for.

After the months we have spent at our houses, many of us feel the urge to get active and feel fully alive again. Now we value little things that in the past didn’t seem important. One of them is having a hobby.

A hobby doesn’t necessarily mean a sport. Could be anything that relaxes our mind. However, a sport not only will relax your mind but will also help you maintain a good physical health.

If you have never done…

Most of us (including Polarity Technologies’ team members) are looking forward to our next flight. Under these circumstances catching the next flight to Rome might not be the wisest thing to do. However, anticipation is the happiest part of a travel journey, according to nathab.com.

“According to a 2010 psychological study about the connection between anticipation and happiness that was published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it. …

About Polarity Technologies Ltd.

Polarity Technologies is a Cyprus-based company that specializes in providing search tools to users who want the best content right at their fingertips. Our tools help millions of people search the web and find the information they are looking for.

Polarity Technologies’ Affiliate Program

Polarity Technologies offers an affiliate program that allows us to partner with individuals or organizations that want to share our products with their users and website visitors. Our affiliate program offers customized account management, competitive payouts and special terms for “super affiliates”.

High Payout Offers

We offer flexible payment terms, high ROI deals, and competitive payout rates. Our goal with our affiliate program…

Just like many other companies, Polarity Technologies Ltd is still working from home.

If you follow Polarity Technologies’ blog, you might already know that our team has been working remotely since last March. Slack & Zoom are the two main apps we use for our day-to-day communication.

Apart from that, we do casual virtual meetings on a regular basis to make sure that we don’t loose contact on a more personal level. The Virtual Coffee Breaks, as we call them, is a great opportunity for us to share our news and to come closer as a team.

Occasionally, we even…

Polarity Technologies Ltd.

Polarity Technologies Ltd helps our millions of users save time by keeping their favorite content right at their fingertips. http://polarity.com.cy/

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