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Many of us are spending a lot of time in our houses lately. Keeping our bodies active while stuck at home can be challenging.

On top of that, skipping gym makes us less motivated to keep a clean diet. So we end up having nachos for breakfast. Unhealthy lifestyle makes our energy levels drop, affects our mood and makes us lethargic.

Polarity Technologies Ltd shares with you a few useful tips that will help you stay healthy and active at home (and around it).

  • Check out YouTube’s no equipment workout videos
  • Do household chores. Sounds funny? Well, it works.
  • Get yourself a yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells
  • Dance like nobody is watching
  • Jumping rope is inexpensive and will do the work
  • Do some gardening work
  • Walk or do some jogging around the block

Whatever keeps you busy, works.

Additionally, eat smart. Make sure that you fuel your body with nutritious food. If you can’t resist sweets, don’t put them in your kitchen cupboards. Take care of your body and your immune system.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2020.

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