Instagram is Launching Twitter Inspired Exclusive Story Feature

Instagram will be launching an exclusive stories feature which will be along the lines of Twitter’s Super Follow feature. As Polarity Technologies has learned, this feature will enable content creators to publish content that will be exclusive to a fan list. The idea is to introduce some kind of subscription model as a way to monetize from the content being published by these content creators.

The platform confirmed the news that the feature is currently under development and it has not been tested publicly yet. Although the platform refused to share any further details, a screenshot that was circulated earlier gives insights into what to expect from the feature. The exclusive stories can only be viewed by members and others will be shown a message that conveys that the story is “members only”. Members will not be able to screenshot the stories but they can be shared as highlights.

The big reveal was made by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who often finds unreleased media and shares it on Twitter. The Exclusive Stories feature is said to be part of a bigger puzzle of monetizing tools that Instagram is developing.

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