Polarity Technologies Ltd Turns 3!

Today is a special day for us, as Polarity Technologies Ltd turns 3!!

PolariTeam feels blessed that one more successful year has passed, which was filled with big and small achievements, unforgettable experiences, lots of laughter and awesomeness.

We have many good things to remember from the past year. We made a lot of business travelling and we visited the Cayman Islands for the first time! We did a First Aid Training in the office and learned how to respond in a case of emergency.

We also attempted to Escape the Room. We went for fishing in Bonita Springs in Florida, we participated in Nicosia Marathon and we celebrated the end of 2018 in Romania! We greeted 2019 in Beijing, enjoying a mind blowing night of culture and celebrations.

We went for a private catamaran cruise under the sunset and enjoyed exotic cocktails under the stars. We have visited some of the best eating and drinking places in Cyprus, Bucharest, Florida, Beijing and Cayman and we were lucky enough to stay to some really amazing hotels.

We all feel grateful for being part of Polarity Technologies. We are excited to see what the future brings and we wish more happy and successful years to come.

If you are a fun person, who loves travelling and living new experiences stay tuned for Polarity’s future job openings. In case you feel impatient and a little bit adventurous, our sister company, EightPoint Technologies is currently hiring in Grand Cayman. Click here for more.

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Originally published at http://polarity.com.cy on August 30, 2019.

Polarity Technologies Ltd helps our millions of users save time by keeping their favorite content right at their fingertips. http://polarity.com.cy/

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