Spotify Piloting TikTok-Style Feed

The new feature that Spotify is testing lets users watch full screen video clips as songs are played. The new feature of Spotify, called Discover, works in a similar way to TikTok. The new feature appeared in the latest version of Spotify’s beta iOS TestFlight by Chris Messina.

Discover allows users find new music, fast and effortlessly just by swiping up and down. Users can like the song by tapping on the heart and they can also access standard information about the song by hitting the three-dot menu.

The format of the new feature lets artists to upload videos along with their songs, which makes the experience far more entertaining for the user. More specifically, static images can be replaced by Canvas videos in standard form and mixed media, along with 2D and 3D graphics.

As Polarity Technologies has learned from TheVerge , “The test comes as Netflix has started testing a similar interface in its iOS app to help users discover new content to watch. Its recent “Kids Clips” feature shows content from its child-friendly shows, and follows the launch of a similar “Fast Laughs” feed earlier this year. As TikTok’s engagement hours soar, even non-social media platforms are becoming interested in using its format to help users engage with their own services.”

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