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Although the weather here in Cyprus is getting colder, if you love ice cream as much as PolariTeam does, then you won’t be able to resist visiting Da Vinci.

Da Vinci is the new gelateria of Engomi that offers gelato of unsurpassed quality, made of fresh ingredients from northern and central Europe. The ice cream is made daily at the shop, based on traditional Mediterranean recipes, using only pure ingredients and no preservatives.

All you have to do is pick the cone you want (plain, with chocolate coating, nuts, coloured or with truffle), and then choose the ice cream flavours. As Polarity Technologies has found out from CheckIn Cyprus, the brand launches around 260 different flavours of gelato. The ice cream is being produced at the same physical space separated by a glass, so that the customers can watch the production process. Wow!

Around 32 flavours are available at any time, and are being rotated and changed regularly.

What makes Da Vinci really stand out is the gelato donuts! This is semifreddo ice cream on a stick, with coating in various colours, designs and flavours, in the shape of a donut! As Polarity Technologies has learned, at Da Vinci you can also find crepes, waffles and awesome milkshakes.

We can’t wait to try out all of its yummy goodies. We deserve a cheat meal (or two) after all. Don’t you agree?

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Originally published at on November 18, 2020.

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