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We spend a lot of time at home lately. Many of us have renewed our Netflix subscriptions in order to get ourselves busy while at home, especially on weekends. Polarity Technologies has found, and is sharing with you the most popular movies on Netflix right now.

If you are searching for a couple of movies to add to your watch list, keep reading. According HuffPost, these are the 10 most popular movies on Netflix today.

Polarity Technologies’ team has been working from home since mid March 2020. The group has decided to have the team of Polarity Technologies Ltd working from home, including our colleagues from Spigot Inc. & Eightpoint, as part of an effort to keep us, our families and the community safe.

On top of that, the strict measures still keep us at home on weekends. A good movie and a hot cup of tea is always a pleasant way to spend our time. Hopefully, the measures will loosen within the next couple of weeks and we will be free to spend our weekends with family members and friends again.

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Originally published at on January 26, 2021.

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