TikTok: Music Rights For Videos Are Changing

As Polarity Technologies has learned from Social Media Today, verified business TikTok accounts will no longer be allowed to use popular songs in their videos.

According to Social Media Today and Dave Jorgenson, “TikTok has quietly changed the rules around commercial usage of popular music, which will stop verified brands from using popular tracks, referring them, instead, to a new, royalty-free ‘Commercial Music Library’ of sounds that are available for businesses.”

Jorgenson has stated that the Commercial Music Library has been recently rolled out, which will provide high-quality, free-to-use music to verified businesses or organizations on TikTok.

When TikTok announced a range of new music licensing agreements a few months ago, there was no noted differentiation between commercial and non-commercial use.

It’s important to clarify, that regular users will still be allowed to use popular songs in their videos, as the new change affects only the seemingly verified businesses.

As we have mentioned in a previous article of Polarity Technologies, a TikTok account can be easily changed from personal to professional, and back.

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Originally published at http://polarity.com.cy on May 12, 2020.

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