Why Traveling Right Now is a Terrible Idea For Most Of Us — Polarity Technologies Ltd.

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Due to the pandemic most people (including Polarity Technologies’ team members) wisely choose not to travel to other countries. Although we do miss traveling quite a lot, flying to other places for leisure these days, is not very bright idea.

More than the safety factor, which is obviously the most important one to consider, there are also few more drawbacks that make traveling during pandemic a bad move. Ticket and hotel prices might have dropped, but what’s the point of visiting a new city if we won’t be able to fully explore it? Don’t forget that most businesses, sights, theatres, and museums are (have been, or will be) closed. Coffee shops, bars and restaurants in most cities do not accept guests. Let alone the obligatory self-isolation, the hassle, the unnecessary stress and the last minute surprises.

Yes, we do love traveling…but no thanks!

To us, here at Polarity Technologies Ltd, traveling equals freedom. When we travel, we want to feel the real vibe of each city. We want to chat with locals and get to know the culture. We want to be stress-free and to be surrounded by relaxed and cheerful people just like the good, old days. We want to enjoy ourselves and experience each journey to the fullest. We do not mind waiting a little bit more before we travel again, but once we book our next flight, we’ll live it on our own terms.

Until then, we explore world’s most beautiful places via virtual tours.

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Originally published at http://polarity.com.cy on January 14, 2021.

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